Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
God, who did my soul create,
In thy presence thou refuge take.
With this glorious love I swear,
Youth's beauty is only but fair.

- George Rapanos


My poem Self-Realization has very mystical overtones in it that I, at times during meditation or moments of reflection, feel very strongly about. I feel most will not either understand it or find it darn right stupid. You must keep in mind that many years ago most people felt the earth was flat as well as the sun revolved around the earth.

There is no Religion higher then Truth, and Truths are as old as mankind, provided we connote by the word God, not the crude anthropomorphism which is still the backbone of our current theology, but the symbolic conception of that which is Life and Motion of the Universe, The cosmic dance “In Him we live and move and have our being.” The Universe lives in, proceeds from, and will return to what I call the unutterable source of existence. Every atom being said to contain in itself creative energy of the divine breath. Though it is eternal and immutable in its essence, it reflects itself in every object of the Universe “like the moon in clear tranquil water.” That light which burns inside thee, dost thou feel it different in anywise from the light that shines in thy Brother-men? The One essence becomes not only one “with us” but that very life itself. It is an everlasting work of perfection with every new appearance, but the Substance-Matter and Forces are all one and the same. But this Law acts on every planet through minor and varying laws. This Great Law, Theists may call it God. I call Him “the unutterable source of existence.” The essence of man is spirit….only by stripping himself of his finiteness and surrendering himself to pure Self-Realization does he attain the truth.

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