Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
I said to the almond tree,
"Sister, speak to me of God,"
And the almond tree blossomed.

- Haiku given to St. Francis.

Riddles of the Human Condition

Man must solve the riddle of existence; the riddle of suffering; the riddle of human destiny with its moments of transcendence. He must experience the presence of the beloved in the process and bliss of meditation.

Human life, in some parts of the world, is reduced to real suffering and evil. We see it today in Iraq, when two cultures, two religions, two modes of life overlap. A man living in a social collective conscious mind who had to live in a primitive culture would suffocate miserably; just as a man from a primitive conscious mind would suffer in the midst of our culture. Now in Iraq a whole generation is caught between two ages, two cultures, two modes of life, with the consequences that it loses all power of reason to understand.

Wars and killings in the name of religion have been going on for thousands of years. Perhaps the problem is religion itself.

Love and compassion arising from the mystical aspects of life is the answer.


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