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I believe there is an ultimate purpose of existence. Everyone has his own specific vocation, meaning and mission in life that demands fulfillment. I am striving and struggling for some goal worthy of my life. A potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled. My task is to accept the opportunity God has given me by the grace of His inspiration and spiritual message contained within the writings of my poetry, and by the financial means He bestowed on me to implement this mission. The meaning of my existence is not invented by itself but rather detected and is led by the spiritual ideals of God. Man thinks he directs his life, leads himself, but his innermost being is irresistibly drawn in the direction of his destiny. My poetry gives meaning to existence by the awareness of Self transcendence of the human condition. A meaning potentially to be fulfilled by me or else to be forfeited.

  George Rapanos
March 29, 1933-March 18, 2007

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The Forgotten Truth

In these perilous times of cynicism, boredom and despair, I wish to share my inner experience with those who choose to listen. There is an ongoing union with the divine in our journey for transformation. By placing all ideals in their proper context towards its final goal we return to our origin, the universal mind, the forgotten Truth.

As we approach the Spirit and the Spirit approaches us we must become aware of its kinship. The same Spirit that hovered over the waters at the beginning of creation hovers over us today. It is like the phrase I had written in my poem Rebirth. "A Spirit that blows across the water, stirring up the waves as a heart is stirred by the thoughts of love."

God leads our soul away from turmoil, to solitude, into Himself and He himself speaks deep within our soul. When we give birth to what is hidden within us (the forgotten truth) we become co-workers with God. We become whole. The life of all things. God as the supreme architect of the universe. A challenge to death itself and towards life eternal.

I would like to reach out and touch the hearts of those who are receptive. What I am saying is that if you experience this love and see it in the objects of this world as I have written in my story The Grandfather Clock and Me, then you are in communion with God, the author of beauty in nature. The Cosmic Christ, the glory of God that is found in all things. The "living Buddha" that is manifested in every being. The Cosmic Universal Conscious Mind. Beholding God by experiencing His presence. His Spirit is felt and heard deep within ones soul. Meister Eckhart expressed it this way "The eye in which I see God is the same eye in which God sees me. My eye and God's eye are one eye, and one seeing and one knowing and one loving."

I wish to leave behind my gift to the human condition. A gift of love, not hate, a gift of hope, not despair, a blessing, not a curse. This gift for us is to life itself. A gift to "God Himself." Our common destiny. A resurrection from the ashes of death itself and rise youthfully alive to live for another period as I wrote in The Forest Goddess. "The Spirit never dies. It blooms for a night and then disappears but is not dead. It blossoms again in another part of the forest and exists for another night to bloom again and again." This freedom in a cosmic dance! Everything leading to Thee_____

A gift is not a gift unless it is received. It is my hope that you will receive this gift of love by finding traces of this love within the writings of my poetry and through them catch a glimpse of His eternal love as I have written in this couplets.

God, who did my soul create,
In thy presence thou refuge take.
With this glorious love I swear,
Youth's beauty is only but fair.

George Rapanos

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