Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
I said to the almond tree,
"Sister, speak to me of God,"
And the almond tree blossomed.

- Haiku given to St. Francis.

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A love that transcends time.

Dante was an Italian poet who loved a lady named Beatrice. He was willing to risk everything for just one hour with her. He never received that hour and he never saw her again, but he remembered her for the rest of his life.

One of my definition of God in this relative world is "God is the sum total of the laws of physics in the process of nature towards the evolution of God consciousness." In the transcendental realm, "God is an unutterable source of existence."

A person "in love" is in a state of confusion when he is unable to distinguish between carnal desire, pride of ownership, and spiritual aspirations. However, every man is ultimately destined to move from the human to the supernatural dimension of experience. One should not be obsessed with a passing love. One should be in love with the beloved and the beloved is God. A rose is a rose, but in its transcendental form it is the image and shadow of God.

Divine beauty is revealed in human beauty while divine love is the experience of eternity. One must pass beyond shadows to Reality. The beloved in your heart is the living experience and Self-awareness of the Divine within you. Ordinary human love is capable of raising man to the experience of real love. Love becomes perfect only when it transcends itself and becomes One with its object, producing a Unity of Being.

You will never truly experience God and find peace (the pearl of great worth) by way of a passing love until you purge yourself of this love and stop mistaking the object of your love for the prize. The prize being the hidden treasure that lies deep within your soul. The object of your love only leads you to the inner depths of your Being where you will come to realize and experience the Source of your existence, the Source from whom all blessings flow. The love of the object was manís journey "to" God. The process and act of love is man's journey "into" God. When one has lost oneself in the rapture of love, the partner is of no more importance than the portals of the temple through which one has passed to the alter. The source of true love lies beyond the object of attention.

God's love is impersonal. We make God's love personal by our acceptance of His unlimited love. The realization of a higher power. A power awaiting to be discovered.

George Rapanos
September 1, 2004

The Holy Grail is a symbol of the humanís quest for transformation. It is never to be possessed only to be experienced.

It is the ďRebirthĒ of the soulís journey into the heart of God. It is the cup that brings eternal life.

Divine Love

God, who did my soul create,
In Thy presence thou refuge take.
With this glorious love I swear,
Youth's beauty is only but fair.


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