Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
God, who did my soul create,
In thy presence thou refuge take.
With this glorious love I swear,
Youth's beauty is only but fair.

- George Rapanos

An Elevated State of Consciousness

A Full---majestic moon---
   Radiates a beauty,
Over the vast turbulent sea.
   A veil is lifted!---A soul is free!---
To walk---the beach in radiant light.
   A spirit that blows across the water,
Stirring up the waves as---
   A heart is stirred by the thoughts of love.
Moving the ocean---to the shore---
   With waves that pulsate a desire to be---
Sea oats---in the sand dunes of time,
For the warmth of the Sun.
   A longing to procreate,
A reunion with---YOU.

George Rapanos
June 1984

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