Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
There is a Hidden Treasure,
Most search for it in vain.
It comes down from heaven,
And it falls like the rain.

- George Rapanos

Information on Circle of Inspiration

Purpose of the Circle of Inspiration

I believe there is an ultimate purpose of existence. Everyone has his own specific vocation, meaning and mission in life that demands fulfillment. I am striving and struggling for some goal worthy of my life. A potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled. My task is to accept the opportunity God has given me by the grace of His inspiration and spiritual message contained within the writings of my poetry, and by the financial means He bestowed on me to implement this mission. The meaning of my existence is not invented by itself but rather detected and is led by the spiritual ideals of God. Man thinks he directs his life, leads himself, but his innermost being is irresistibly drawn in the direction of his destiny. My poetry gives meaning to existence by the awareness of Self transcendence of the human condition. A meaning potentially to be fulfilled by me or else to be forfeited.

- George Rapanos

Circle of Inspiration Plaques:

Dedication Plaque
History of the Obelisk
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Rapanos Poems
The House by the Side of the Road
Desiderata and Olive Branch
Lincoln, Dickinson, Hughes Poetry
Frost, Wilcox, Blake Poetry
Longfellow, Housman, Khayyam
Dedication Ceremony

History of the Obelisk
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Information on Circle of Inspiration
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