Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
There is a Hidden Treasure,
Most search for it in vain.
It comes down from heaven,
And it falls like the rain.

- George Rapanos

Dedication Photos September 18, 2002

These photos were taken at the dedication of the Circle Of Inspiration, Ferris State University, September 18, 2002

George and Suanne Rapanos help dedicate the "Circle of Inspiration of Ferris State's West Campus. "What I want is to inspire love and transcendence in people."

Approximately 75 people were in attendance including family, Ferris State Board of Trustees members, emeriti, staff and students.

Speakers included Dr. Phillip Sterling, Mr. Dan Hurley, Ms. Kaci Baars, and Dr. William Sederburg, President of Ferris State University.

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