Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
There is a Hidden Treasure,
Most search for it in vain.
It comes down from heaven,
And it falls like the rain.

- George Rapanos

Symbolizing a ray of light coming from God to enlighten mankind.

Dedicated to all our forefathers, those brave immigrants, who came to this land of opportunity so that they and their descendants may have a life more abundant.

In Memory of
Alexandros Nicolaous Rapanos
Emigrated from Greece 1910

Nicoletta (Agnostopoulous) Rapanos
Emigrated from Greece 1928

I said to the almond tree
"Sister, speak to me of God"
And the almond tree blossomed.
- Haiku given to St. Francis

Presented to Ferris State University by:
George Rapanos a graduate of Ferris State University B.S. Pharmacy 1957 and New York University M.A. Religious Studies 1990.

Armies marched in a cloud of dust,
Like tin soldiers they turned to rust.

The whole world is restless and confused. It will always be so long as man sets his ideals on the wrong objects. There will be no real peace or happiness until man realizes what he seeks comes from within himself.

The Hidden Treasure
"The Pearl of Great Worth"

There is a Hidden Treasure,
Most search for it in vain.
It comes down from heaven,
And it falls like the rain.

This treasure is not one of silver,
This treasure is not one of gold.
The source of this hidden treasure,
Lies deep within one's soul.

A treasure more precious than silver,
A treasure mor precious than gold.
To find this hidden treausre,
You must look within your soul.

- George Rapanos

Dr. Phillip Sterling, professor of languages and literature at Ferris State University's College of Arts and Science said at the dedication ceremony for the Circle of Inspiration featuring the Pharaoh's Obelisk:

"It seems appropriate that such a provision is made in a public place for poetry and inspiration to be centered around an obelisk; a monument to human endeavor and triumph. May this "Circle of Inspiration" serve as a kind of open air temple; a place of safety and comfort. May it bond us to the possibilities for poetry, for magic and for peace. May it provide for all who pause here at Ferris State, a portal, the deep heart's core."

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