Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
God, who did my soul create,
In thy presence thou refuge take.
With this glorious love I swear,
Youth's beauty is only but fair.

- George Rapanos

Fleeting Moments in Time

In the sun-splashed shadows of a majestic tree,
Beneath its branches sits my love and me;
Only this morning your beauty did unfold,
Your hair now is silver, then it was gold.

Life's fleeting moments are passing by,
Like flashes of lighting before our eyes;
Lets drink this cup until it's emptied of time,
How swiftly it flies across your face of mine.

The sun will come up to a new face at dawn,
And linger with me my whole life long;
For this moment in time will eternally be,
Nearer to God, my God to be.

George Rapanos
August 1994

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