Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
There is a Hidden Treasure,
Most search for it in vain.
It comes down from heaven,
And it falls like the rain.

- George Rapanos

Circle of Inspiration Dedication Speech
by George Rapanos
September 18, 2002

This Obelisk symbolizes the ray of light shining from God to enlighten Mankind.

I wish to thank everyone for coming to share with my family and me the dedication of NOVA's Obelisk, the centerpiece in the "Circle of Inspiration". This Obelisk was featured on one of NOVA's prouctions, "The Secrets of Lost Empires" that aired on the Public Broadcasting network. The idea of the "Circle of Inspiration" came about in my later life, when I became aware that there is an ultimate purpose of existence. Everyone has his own specific vocation, meaning and mission in life that demands fulfillment. My task was to accept the opportunity God has given me by the grace of His inspiration and spiritual message contained within the writings of my poetry, and by the financial means He bestowed on me to implement this project. The meaning of my existence is not invented by itself but rather detected and is led by the spiritual ideals of God. Man thinks he directs is life, leads himself, but his innermost being is irresistibly drawn in the direction of his destiny.

Schopenhaur, one of the world's greatest philosophers wrote: "When you reach a certain age and you look back over your life, it seems to have had an order. It seems to have been composed by someone and those events when they occured seemed merely accidental and occasional and just something that happened; and it turned out to be the main element in a cosistent plot. Who composed the plot?

Just as your dreams are composed by an aspect of yourself of which your consciousness is unaware. So your whole life is composed by the will within you. Just as those people who you meet by chance became effective agents in the structuring of your life, so you have been an agent in structuring of other lives and the whole thing gears together like one big symphony."

Some of my faorite poetry is displayed here on one of the pedestals surrounding the Obelisk. In the future, poetry and inspirational works by others will be displayed on the remaining pedestals.

My poetry gives meaning to existence by the awareness and Self-transcendence of the human condition. A touch of the Spirit can inspire poetry such as mine, and only personal experience can unfold its meaning. It is not unlike what I wrote in my poem "Rebirth". A Spirit that blows across the water, stirring up the waves as a heart is stirred by the thoughts of love. Poetry that is realized raises the individual to a summit of awareness. A conscious realization of one's divine origin.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote, "Poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge, human thoughts, human passions, emotion and language."

I wish to thant the Ferris State University's Board of Trustees for approving this project and my appreciation to President Sederburg, Dan Hurley, Debra Jacks and Robert Barnum for their time and effort toward making this "Circle of Inspiration" a reality.

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