Photo of George Rapanos George Rapanos: A Quest for Religious Transformation
The mind is forever yearning,
In this world of turmoil and strife.
Those who see beyond the horizon,
Are aware of eternal life.

- George Rapanos

The Grandfather Clock and Me

There is this clock. Yes, there is this clock. That is the essence of it. A grandfather clock. It is over one hundred years old and stands eight and one-half feet tall. I've seen many clocks in my time and believe me, this is a clock. No other clock or time piece is made the same as this clock. It has lion feet with a half animal and half man's face carved at the base. The wooden case that holds the pendulum and three weights, that are the heart of its entity, display ornate decorations. Above the beveled glass door is a carving of some sort of animal. The face of the clock indicates the seconds, minutes and hours of the day. The clock has different settings for its chimes. You have a choice either to strike the hour with or without the chimes or play the chimes every quarter, half, three quarters or hour with Whittington or Westminster chimes. Above the painting, that indicates the phases of the moon, is carved the face of father time.

This clock has made a profound impression on me by its ethereal beauty. Even though this clock is made of wood and metal, I am in love with it. Do I love this clock because of the pride of ownership or do I love this clock because it represents a spiritual apparition? At times when I hear the clock chime, suddenly there is no I, and no clock, just the chiming. Most men will see this clock in its physical form, but only a few will look upon its supernatural dimension and experience its transcendental nature.

Am I obsessed with this clock? Is this clock merely an image of what lies beyond its existence? Does it symbolize something greater than itself? To me, the essence of this clock represents divine beauty revealed through the image of its physical form.

What can I say about this clock? The essence of this grandfather clock is like the string that holds a necklace of pearls together, having no beginning or end, with each pearl representing a different time in its existence. Some pearls represent the past. Other pearls represent the present, and there are many pearls yet to come, the future.

When I look at this clock I recall memories of its past and a feeling of sadness and longing floods my soul. I think of those fellow travelers who preceded me; whose distant footsteps echo through the corridors of time. I think of my mother and father and it saddens me, but thinking of them again brings me pleasure too.

For me, the clock symbolizes the ages of man gliding away, one by one. The pendulum of time ticking away funeral marches to the grave. Our friends depart as time goes by, and when I am gone others will plod on, and each one as before shall follow. The grandfather clock in its transcendental form represents the whole; past, present and future.

There is this clock. Yes, there is this grandfather clock. Do you see it? It sees you. That is the essence of it.

- George Rapanos

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